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how to get rid of insects

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how to get rid of insects

Post by ahmedhamdy » Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:20 am

The insect control company is not only perfect for pesticide spraying but also offers its customers a very important advantage. It provides important insect control tips that will benefit customers in dealing with insects as soon as they appear, and even to reduce their appearance. These tips are summarized in the following points: :

Number and insect of insects
The company against the white ants should be renewed daily house air and let the sun enter the house, it acts as an insect and bad smells inside the house that attracts insects

It is recommended to place wires on the windows and not to leave the windows open without closing the wires to act as a barrier from entering insects into the interior

It is also recommended to close openings and cracks that are in the wall immediately so as not to infiltrate unwanted insects into the house
Also take care to clean the place after eating to make sure that it is free of any crumbs or remnants of food gathered around it and because of insects.

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